About InduSol America

About Us

Your Partner in Industrial Automation Excellence

InduSol America is the North American arm of Indu-Sol of Germany.

Our Legacy in Preventing Downtime

For nearly two decades, InduSol has been the trusted ally of system planners, installers, maintainers, and engineers.

We specialize in delivering peace of mind by effectively reducing and preventing costly downtime, ultimately leading to increased profits.

The Industrial Automation Experts

As proud members of:

our extensive research and experience make us a leading authority in industrial networks.

Holistic Network Solutions

From new plant planning and modernization to rapid troubleshooting with our advanced diagnostic tools, we've got you covered.

Our proactive network monitoring ensures emergency shutdown prevention, providing you with invaluable insights and protection for your network.

Dedicated After-Sales Support

We understand the frustrations caused by unnecessary network interruptions.

That's why InduSol America goes beyond by offering comprehensive after-sales support.

Our commitment extends to sharing knowledge gained from years of experience, ensuring your operations run seamlessly.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join the league of industry giants like Tesla, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and BMW, who have entrusted us to automate their maintenance processes and detect vulnerabilities early, keeping their networks operational and profitable.

Discover the InduSol America Advantage

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your production goals while remaining stress free!