35th year anniversary of PROFIBUS products and solutions

InduSol America specializes in PROFIBUS networks

Since 2002, Indu-Sol of Germany is offering a comprehensive portfolio of recognized PROFIBUS solutions for PROFIBUS diagnostics, monitoring and troubleshooting of PROFIBUS networks to improve reliability and stability.

  • Diagnostic tools and measurement devices: with our innovative tools, such as the PB-Q ONE PROFIBUS Tester, we facilitate problem solving and ensure trouble-free communication in your network, which plays a crucial role in quality control.

  • Network monitoring and management: Our software solutions, including PROmanage® NT, enable continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance of your PROFIBUS networks, which plays a key role in maintaining system performance.

  • Training and certification: Our training programs, including the opportunity to become a Certified PROFIBUS Installer, address the skills shortage by educating and empowering your team.

  • On-site support and consulting: We offer hands-on days and individual consulting to ensure that our solutions are perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Our best-of-breed solutions are accompanied by a variety of accessories, from PROFIBUS repeaters to PROFIBUS connectors and PROFIBUS cable.

The challenges of maintenance and automation engineers

Today's maintenance and automation professionals face numerous challenges, including aging equipment, increasing maintenance intensity, technological advancements and a shortage of skilled labor. These issues can lead to unplanned plant downtime, which can impact not only performance, but also efficiency and profitability by up to 11% of revenue.

Common PROFIBUS network errors:

  • Ghost issues

  • Wiring errors (swapped wires, broken wires, short circuit, open shield, missing or excessive termination, segment length and reflections)

  • Voltage issues

  • Device failures (not knowing which device)

  • Topology missing (not having proper machine documentation)

  • Error Telegrams

  • Telegram repetition

  • Bus cycle times off

  • Restarts

PROFIBUS bus status traffic light

PROFIBUS Certified Products and Solutions

Celebrating 35 years, PROFIBUS is a leading technology in industrial communication, used in numerous automation and manufacturing systems worldwide. As the central nerve system of modern industry, PROFIBUS facilitates efficient data communication between devices and systems, which is essential for maintaining productivity and profitability by optimizing production processes.

Our PROFIBUS solutions offer diagnostic information with the following benefits:

  • Preventing expensive downtime

  • Speeding-up troubleshooting

  • Allowing predictive maintenance

  • Creating condition monitoring
Quick PROFIBUS network analysis with the PBQ

InduSol America offers different easy-to-use PROFIBUS diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to accomplish those tasks. The tools are available for PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA applications and monitor the entire communication network with all its components (without the need of accessing the project in the PLC).

PROFIBUS solutions for engineering, commissioning, maintenance and service

Tools for PROFIBUS Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

●   PROFIBUS Cable Tester PROFtest II
●   PROFIBUS mobile Bus Analyzer PB-Q ONE PROFIBUS Tester
●   PROFIBUS Troubleshooting Kit PROFIBUS DiagnosticDUO

Tools for PROFIBUS Monitoring

●   PROFIBUS Network Analyzer for 24/7 monitoring PROFIBUS-INspektor
●   PROFIBUS Software for centralized alarm management PROmanage® NT
●   PROFIBUS Monitoring Kit PROFIBUS Diagnostic Set


We help you to run like clockwork. With our free technical support, you will find in InduSol America the partner you were always looking for.

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