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Permanent Monitoring of Industrial Networks

Condition-based maintenance, early detection of disruptive factors, and much more

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Why you should switch to permanent network monitoring

check engine light on car dashboard

Automatic condition monitoring is a part of our everyday lives, so much so that we are not consciously aware of it. One example is a cars' onboard diagnostic system. As a driver, you hardly notice the ongoing system monitoring as long as everything is running smoothly. When an error occurs, it gets recorded by the vehicle's diagnostic system that can be read, evaluated, and repaired by the technician with minimal effort. In the event of potentially critical errors, the driver is immediately alerted before the vehicle breaks down.

Would you be willing to forego your car's onboard diagnostics? Absolutely not! Then why would you go without it in your industrial system? The onboard diagnostics for your industrial plants and networks

The onboard diagnostics for your industrial plants and networks

Stable and reliable operation is one of the most important priorities for any industrial plant. Most faults and malfunctions can be detected early on, provided the network has a diagnostic system (permanent networking monitoring, or PNM for short).

What is permanent network monitoring/condition monitoring?

life cycle of a plant

The maintenance of your plant becomes significantly uncomplicated with the seamless recording of your network's condition. Physical and logical system values get recorded and evaluated similarly to selective (maintenance) measurements with simple measurement clamps. However, because the data is being recorded permanently, in more detail, and even simultaneously at several measuring points, maintenance staff can detect irregularities early on and correct the causes early on - the basis for cost-efficient, condition-based maintenance.

Individual, scalable monitoring solutions according to your requirements

Permanent network monitoring (PNM) offers many implementation possibilities. Depending on the requirements and budget, you can use one network monitoring system that has the option of expansion at any time.

Even starting with one data collector, such as the PROFINET-INspektor® NT or a PROmesh Switch with an integrated diagnostic function, can be considered a monitoring solution. Additional data loggers can be used depending on the type of system, structure, and requirements. These devices were designed for individual use and often supplied with their own web-based monitoring applications. A detailed evaluation is possible at all times through their applications or by manually reading the stored long-term data saved on the device.

Operators of complex or multiple systems can centralize and partially automate the professional condition monitoring using our PROmanage NT network monitoring software. The PROmanage NT software automatically informs you of critical events in addition to the evaluation, analysis, and long-term storage of condition data from your fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet networks.

Seven advantages of using permanent network monitoring

Network Monitoring Industry Condition Based Maintenance

1. Preventative, condition-based monitoring
No more unnecessary scheduled maintenance! Know precisely where anomalies are occurring and which components need servicing.

Permanent Network Monitoring Storage Reserves

2. Correctly assess interference reserves
Efficiently avoid entering a critical disturbance range by maintaining an overview of your system's entire condition at all times.

Permanent Network Monitoring Stable System Operation

3. Ensure network stability
Unlike random or cyclical sample measurements, permanent documentation of your network load enables you to estimate and assess the network condition.

Permanent Network Monitoring Status Values

4. All condition values at a glance
Are all physical and logical quality values complied with? How is my network doing? A quick look at your monitoring solution gives you all the answers you need.

Network Monitoring Industry Permanent Data Acquisition Analysis

5. Complete status data
Maintenance staff can detect every irregularity using the recorded measured values. All events of the last 12 months are documents to the minute for optimal analysis.

Network Monitoring Industrial Alarm Notification

6. Relief through the alarm function
Stay responsive even when you are not actively tracking the network condition. As soon as an action is needed, the integrated alarm function contacts you by e-mail, SMS, OPC, etc.

Network Monitoring Industrial Remote Maintenance

7. Save time and money with remote diagnostics
In an emergency, external service technicians can get an idea of your system's condition and allow them to start on-site without delay.


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