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Diagnostics for Industrial Networks

Solutions from experience - Network Stability, Production Continuity, Reliability


Maintenance instead of repair:

Identify and fix sources of interference in a targeted manner - before problems or breakdowns occur.


        Every plant ages. The communication networks of the plants are also affected by this. Whether it's wear and tear due to use or external influences from the production environment, it often starts with inconspicuous, sporadic anomalies. Since these often remain undetected, the potential for faults can increase and endanger the operation of the plant. But it doesn't have to come this far!


Network maintenance by external service providers or with your own staff

– It's not the way, it' s the result that matters


        By regularly or permanently checking the communication quality in the plant network, failures can be almost completely avoided. This preventive maintenance (cf. "predictive maintenance") can be carried out by trained maintenance personnel as well as by external specialists such as InduSol service technicians. When making a decision, it is important to weigh up the respective costs.


> Network maintenance with trained personnel and required equipment
Monitor, control and maintain your plant networks completely independently. The necessary professional training and materials (including suitable measuring equipment) must be available.

> Network maintenance by external maintenance service provider
Commission an external specialist with the regular inspection and maintenance of your plant networks. The services vary depending on the provider and the contractual agreement.

> Supported network maintenance with your own staff and external support
Relieve your maintenance: Based on maintenance data (thanks to e.g. permanent network monitoring), an external partner supports your maintenance in time-saving fault clearance or maintenance, if required.


          Our expert advice: For maximum availability, we recommend regular testing of the communication quality of your network immediately starting with commissioning of the system. These tests can optionally be carried out by your maintenance staff.

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Network diagnostics: Products and solutions for your network


        Our product portfolio covers the complete range of diagnostic devices and solutions for determining physical and logical quality parameters of industrial networks. This includes checks of the network infrastructure (line and wiring tests) as well as the analysis of telegram traffic and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). In order to provide the best possible support for those who are responsible for maintenance, we offer diagnostic solutions for various communication protocols of industrial plants.



InduSol diagnostic devices for industrial networks and fieldbus systems:


> Diagnostic solutions for maintenance managers of industrial plants
> Diagnostic and measuring devices for line testing and certification
> Measuring devices for physical and logical quality determination
> Devices for topology determination (e.g. in PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet)
> Current measuring clamps for checking and optimising equipotenti


          Our experts will be happy to support you in the selection and combination of suitable products according to your systems and requirements. 

Network Services by Communication

Protocol / Topic:

Diagnostic services for your industrial network


        Our experienced measurement and service team supports you in the maintenance of your automation networks and fieldbus systems. Our wide range of industrial network services extends from documented commissioning measurements up to support for regular maintenance procedures to ensure system availability.


Maintenance measurement
Measurement-based inspection of the communication quality (incl. test report)

Commissioning / certification measurement
Professional commissioning and certification of new and existing plants

Initial measurement of (new) plant networks
Technical and measuring support during commissioning of plants and networks

Error analysis in case of malfunctions
Emergency / service support for troubleshooting and fault clearance of automation systems / networks

Equipotential bonding: Initial measurement / Fault analysis
Potential equalisation analysis, incl. evaluation and recommendations

Industrial Wireless: Initial Measurement / Error Analysis
Professional WiFi measurement, incl. recording of the illumination (site survey)

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