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Increase the reliability of your industrial networks

Our diagnostic tools increase the reliability and stability of your network. They give you the ability to easily and quickly test the logical and physical communication quality and eliminate errors - temporarily or permanently. We also offer all the essential infrastructure components for your industrial network, as well as training and measuring services.

Network measuring devices with added value - condition-based maintenance made easy

Condition monitoring and diagnostic measuring devices are becoming more common to help minimize maintenance and repair costs. Many of our products can be used during normal plant operations or permanently integrated into the plant network. Our diagnostic solutions help avoid unnecessary maintenance shutdowns and determine measured values under production conditions.

Important quality values are manually or automatically read out using our diagnostic devices, making maintenance-related interventions more predictable and helping to avoid unplanned downtime. In the case of permanently installed diagnostic devices, an integrated alarm function can warn you about values exceeding or falling below set limits, making maintenance more active before a failure or breakdown occurs. We recommend using diagnostic and monitoring solutions right from the planning or commissioning of your system, enabling you to take active preventative action instead of reacting to critical situations. Our experts are at your side during the planning and implementation stages as well as in troubleshooting.

Time savings thanks to diagnostic tools

Smart manufacturing requires "Intelligent devices." We offer network infrastructure components with integrated diagnostics, along with separate diagnostic measuring devices and line testers. For example, our repeaters, measuring points, and industrial switches are all capable of diagnostics. These components give initial information about possible error sources without the need for additional diagnostic devices, cutting back the valuable time required for troubleshooting in an emergency by minutes or even hours.

Our diagnostic tools feature user-friendly user interfaces to provide you with the optimal basis for decision-making. Plain-text diagnoses, color highlighting, and a clear traffic light color principle make essential information visible at a glance - regardless of whether you are performing network diagnostics or checking the EMC-compliant design of machines or systems.


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