Integrated Network Planning

Oct 20th 2023

As measurement technicians and network experts, we were enlisted by a top recycling company to conduct a comprehensive analysis of their PROFINET network, troubleshoot issues, and establish a clear network topology.

The initial challenge was that the operator lacked a network topology plan from the installer. This absence left them in the dark about which devices were on the network and which ones posed security risks. To complicate matters further, switch cabinets had no labels, and IP addresses were organized haphazardly. Even the maintenance team couldn't pinpoint the locations of all devices.

The majority of switches were either unmanaged or, if manageable, lacked proper configuration. To rectify the situation, we replaced the existing switches with high-performance models from our PROmesh P family, complete with condition monitoring capabilities. This upgrade instantly provided the data needed for a topology scan with PROscan Active, and we used PROnetplan software to create a clear network map for the future.

Our customer is now able to manage a stable PROFINET network to achieve the lowest failure rate possible.

PROnetplan Network Layout Sample

PROnetplan Network Layout Sample