Product Launch | PROmesh P10 - The switch for permanent cable monitoring

Jan 10th 2020

PROmesh P10 Intelligent permanent monitoring switch press release banner

The Industrial Ethernet Switch revolutionizes the predictive maintenance of networks

It is almost impossible to run a stable industrial network without intervention, but you can come close to this goal if you know the state of your network at all times. InduSol now offers the PROFINET certified Industrial Ethernet Switch - PROmesh P10 - as a promising, uncomplicated alternative solution to the conventional solutions. The PROmesh P10 is a gigabit-capable industrial switch that can manage the data traffic in homogeneous, heterogeneous, and convergent industrial networks and is also able to monitor the quality of the connected data lines during operation.

Alternative to cable certification

In addition to the proven diagnostic functions of the PROmesh switches, the PROmesh P10 has online cable diagnostics. Conclusions can be drawn about the line quality and cable wear during operation thanks to its AI-like analysis, simplifying complex cable certification. The PROmesh P10 allows you to monitor network connections over the entire life cycle of an automation system instead of checking the connection quality for commissioning once. Permanent cable monitoring enables preventative maintenance as the need for action can be identified before a visible fault occurs. Permanent connection monitoring makes it possible to quickly clarify whether a line defect or EMC influences caused any sporadic non-reproducible events.

Full line diagnostics during operation

The PROmesh P10 is the first industrial switch that enables permanent line diagnostics without disconnection, bringing many advantages for both machine/system manufacturers and users:

  • Line aging and wear becomes traceable
  • Maintenance intervals become more predictable
  • Cyclical routine exchange of lines "on suspicion" becomes unnecessary
  • more economical, demand-oriented maintenance becomes possible

The most vital data at a glance

The PROmesh P10 has 8 RJ45 ports, 2 SFP slots (up to 2, 5 Gbit/s), a backplane capacity of 51.2 Gbit/s, and 19.3 Mpps throughput. The current flagship PROmesh series has numerous diagnostic functions that support the smooth operation of the system. Besides the already mentioned online line diagnostics, the PROmesh P10 also features leakage current monitoring, performance monitoring (port statistics, network load, etc.), and 24 V monitoring. The device is also compliant with the current PROFINET specification v2.4.