Simplifying PROFINET network planning

Jun 22nd 2021

The success of a network relies on the investment in the planning and design phase. Identifying bottlenecks and weak spots early on makes commissioning and maintenance easier. Luckily, planning a PROFINET network has never been simpler. With the help of PROnetplan V2 from Indu-Sol, designing reliable homogeneous, heterogenous, and convergent networks couldn't be easier. PROnetplan V2 is the user-friendly, professional software for optimizing PROFINET networks.

Fast and Easy

PROnetplan V2 features an intuitive, topology-view user interface where network components and connections can be created and edited in seconds, conveniently using a drag-and-drop function. PROnetplan V2 also features a device catalog, without manufacturer restrictions, according to classes, so that only network load-relevant device information needs to be specified instead of requiring countless technical details that can become time-consuming. Additionally, the software automatically calculates and displays important parameters like the netload at the controller based on the line depth and the preset update rate, making it even easier for the engineer.

Ethernet/PROFINET Industrial Network Planning Software PROnetplan V2 topology drag and drop interface

Plan and Simulate

Understanding the relationships between the update rate, line depth, and network structure on netload is fundamental for planning an efficient, smooth communicating network. For this reason, the primary focus of PROnetplan V2 is network utilization. Selecting individual parameters such as payload, update rate, occupied ports, and the communication path, the effects on the network load can be observed. Through these simulations, potential bottlenecks can be identified and eliminated in the planning phase.

The device overview interface to select parameters in PROnetplan V2

Commissioning and more

The PROnetplan V2 planning software creates a realistic draft for a stable, ideal network structure, and the created topology may also be used later in the commissioning stage. The export function is used to create a branded PDF of the network diagram with a complete list of devices and other relevant values. Topologies created from the PROscanĀ® Active V2 analysis software or an E-plan can be imported in PROnetplan V2 for existing systems and networks, allowing the reality and the plan to be compared for modernization, expansions, and optimizations.

PROnetplan's user interface of the export function for PROFINET network conception