EMCheck Set XL | EMC Measuring Clamp Set 122010007

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Prove the EMC conformity of your installation

A correct and proper grounding and earthing ensures not only the protection of persons from dangerous contact voltages, but also it is a prerequisite for the undisturbed operation of automation systems.

To detect the quality of EMC compatible installation a measurement of the resistance in the potential equalization by using the mesh resistance clamp EMCheck® MWMZ I and the identification of possible shielding currents through the leakage current clamp EMCheck® LSMZ I is recommended. With the set you have all tools on hand to verify the quality of your EMC conform installation.

Your benefits with ISMZ I:

    • Measuring leakage & shielding currents
    • True RMS- & interference peak measurement
    • Data recording (up to 14 days)
    • Includes software for data evaluation

Measuring Clamp Set EMCheck® XL includes:

indu-sol emcheck lsmz i 12201005

Measuring and avoiding shield currents

indu-sol emcheck mwmz ii 122010010

Measuring the quality of equipotential bondings

indu-sol emcheck ismz i 12201020

Detecting parasitic currents intelligently

Product Info: