EMV-INspektor® V2 | EMC - Measuring/monitoring of leakage, shielding and interference currents 122010001

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Product Info:

Fieldbus or EMC problems?

The increasing power density of the industrial production results in a higher risk of interference currents along the cables, on the conducting paths of the power supply and those of the potential equalization systems. The diagnostic tool EMV-INspektor® V2 allows an automated, contactless and uninterrupted test and detects electromagnetic disturbances temporarily. Up to four current transformers can be connected to the device. The measurement values are recorded separately, evaluated and compared. The INspektor® displays effective values, amplitudes and frequency components for each channel. The amplitudes and the spectrum are visualized over time in a diagram.

EMV-INspektor® V2 Features

  • incl. one clamp
  • Measuring leakage, shielding and interference currents
  • Parallel inspections of multiple potentially disturbed sections
  • Permanent analysis and condition monitoring
  • Comparison of the data from input source components
  • Specific condition evaluation and alerting
  • Visual illustration of the disturbance values via web interface
  • Export of the measurement data to a USB memory or via LAN interface
  • Configuration of the device software via web interface

Capturing currents with up to 4 measuring adapters

On all four channels, the current course and the spectrum are captured. This makes it possible, for example, to detect if there is a link between PROFIBUS malfunctions and PE/PA currents. The additional frequency data from the spectrum provide clues regarding the possible cause of the fault. Frequency components in the lower kHz range point to pulse frequencies of frequency inverters.

Intelligent capture of sporadic interference peaks

To analyze a current course, it is important to know the amplitudes of the current. With the EMCheck® ISMZ I and the EMV-INspektor® V2, currents can be scanned at 40 kHz or 50 kHz. For each scan point, you also obtain the amplitude in order to realize a meaningful analysis. The current data recorded in the devices can be easily accessed with the free EMCheck® View software.

Product Info: