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White paper: Network design in PROFINET

Optimum performance from the 1st telegram - download now for free


Planners, electrical designers, and people interested in PROFINET take note!

The free white paper "Network Design in PROFINET - Optimum Performance from the 1st telegram onwards" summarizes indispensable insights from Indu-Sol's long-time experience with the design and diagnosis of PROFINET networks.

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Based on this, it answers the following questions, among others:

What are the typical causes of unstable data communication in PROFINET?

Typical PROFINET malfunctions that cause failures

How can these be avoided before the planning and design stage?

Avoid communication failures in the network planning and design phase

What criteria is essential for switch selection besides the number of ports?

Essential criteria for PROFINET conformance class

How does planned monitoring support the (remote) maintenance of industrial networks?

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What benefits does this white paper offer you?

PROFINET conception support

Decision basis for your network construction

Network structure, selection of infrastructure components, network design - the white paper provides planners and designers with a knowledge base for decisions that will significantly influence the later machine and system stability.

PROFINET conceptual practical knowledge

Bundled knowledge from many years of practical experience

The white paper is based on the expertise gained from several hundred measurement deployments per year and over 17 years of experience of Indu-Sol in the evaluation of data communication quality in PROFINET networks.

PROFINET future-proof network

Best prepared for the connected future

End-to-end networking, predictive maintenance, automated maintenance - the demands on industrial automation solutions are constantly increasing. The knowledge from the white paper helps you to meet them!

Indu-Sol: Your partner for industrial networks. Professional know-how for your success.

Industrial Ethernet Network planning and advice

Network design & concepts

Create the basic conditions with a future-proof network structure so that the increasing networking of machines and systems remains controllable!

With clearly defined responsibilities, demand-oriented infrastructure components, and targeted network management, you can lay the foundation today for a secure tomorrow.

PROFINET infrastructure components in a topology

Network infrastructure

The choice of infrastructure components has a significant influence on the performance of your Fieldbus or industrial network.

No matter if growing data volume, higher EMC load or increased safety requirements - at Indu-Sol, you will find the right components for a stable and safe data communication.

Network diagnostics and monitoring products from InduSol

Network diagnostics

Decentrally determined status data build the basis for a central monitoring of the overall network status, targeted network management, and predictive maintenance.

Benefit from modern and predictive maintenance through the AI-based status analysis of your plant network.