CANopen Monitor Extension License for CANBUSview XL III | CANopen Monitor - Universal diagnostic and monitoring tool 119010005

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Product Info:

Online Monitor

The online monitor runs continuously and compares with the given default settings. If values deviate, an error is registered. In single measurement mode, the system stops and the faulty telegram is displayed in the oscilloscope view. In continuous measurement mode, the error is marked by a line in the time time diagram to show when the value fell below the set minimum value or when an error frame occurred.

The monitored values are

  • Active-Error / Passive-Error Frames
  • Overload frames
  • Acknowledge error
  • General quality value (0 ... 100%)
  • S / N ratio (minimum, interference-free differential voltage)
  • Edge steepness (worst rising and falling edge of the telegram)

In addition to the logical and physical measurements, the CAN-Bus Tester 2 is continuously determining bus traffic load, bus status, and the optional CAN supply voltage.

The software can be set in such a way that a simultaneous reception in the protocol monitor is automatically stopped if an error occurs. This greatly simplifies the evaluation of the data traffic before the error occurs.

Product Info: