EMClots® Junction V2 triple (4-16mm²) | 122180110

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EMClots® Junction V2 triple (4-16 mm²)

Connecting, fastening and branching of bare conductor cables

EMClots® Junction V2 triple elements are suitable for stranded or extra-fine wire conductor cables of 4 to 16 mm² or 25 to 35 mm². They are used to connect three conductor cables, or to create a stub. They are mounted to cable trays, cross beams, or other conductive system components.

  • Junction V2 triple, 4-16 mm²: 18 mm x 18 mm x 40 mm (HxWxD)
  • Junction V2 triple, 25-35 mm²: 22 mm x 22 mm x 51 mm (HxWxD)

The use of EMClots® significantly facilitates the implementation of a distributed equipotential bonding system (CBN). A variety of components can be used for connecting, fastening and branching of bare conductor cables of extra-fine wire and stranded type. Undefined interference currents are thus prevented, and uniform equipotential bonding is implemented even in long production lines. They are ideally suited for implementing small-loop low-impedance bonding systems for machines and installations using higher-frequency drive solutions (inverters) as required by EN 50310.

Conventional CBN: According to current practice, electronic components (PLC, drives, remote I/O) are mostly connected to a central earthing point in a star-shaped arrangement - in which the use of insulated conductors is very common.

Optimum CBN: A strong meshing in the bonding system reduces the loads on the system itself. This is achieved by as many short connections as possible between devices and conducting elements. All bonding conductors must be implemented as bare (uninsulated), tin-plated, low-impedance strands. The use of field-capable fasteners/terminals like EMClots® makes the design of efficient conductor paths possible.

What's the next step?

Combine the EMClots® conductor terminal blocks with the matching bare conductor cables and create a low-impedance equipotential bonding according to EN 50310 with infrastructure components from InduSol America.

Appropriate conductor cables are available as infrastructure components.