PBMB IP20 | PROFIBUS Active Adapter 110080012

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Basis of the active measurement point PBMB

The PBMB can be complemented by a PB plug with a 9-pin D-subminiature connector on the back and thus becomes a PBMA.


Non-interacting measuring points are required at every segment of a master system to determine the physical signal-to-noise ratio of PROFIBUS communication. Measuring points at the two ends of a segment help to provide the most optimal information on the physical transmission quality.

It is necessary to add a PROFIBUS connector (see Active measuring point PBMA) to the PBMB to connect a PROFIBUS line.

As type PBMA, it meets not only the requirements of a non-interacting measuring point but also fulfills the demand and function of an active bus termination. The Power LED signals the 24 V power supply required for the terminating resistor.

Diagnostic tools connect according to the PG/diagnosis interface of the PROFIBUS connector. An active programming cable, APKA or APKA II, is recommended for a non-interacting connection of a programming device (laptop/field PG).

The connection of functional earth is necessary for the functioning of the PROFIBUS shield!

Example of Use

An example on how to use the PBMB IP20 PROFIBUS Active Adapter

Engineering Drawing

Engineering drawing of the PBMB IP20 PROFIBUS Active Adapter 110080012
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