INBLOX Diag Repeater - extension module X2 | 124060012

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The extension DP Diag Rep X2 module is simply connected to the IN- BLOX® head module and is coupled with the backplane bus directly. The data exchange and power supply for this module takes place via the backlplane bus. Each of these extension modules has an integrated PROFIBUS analysis, which monitors and assesses the whole telegram communication logical and physical. The determined state of network quality can be always requested via the web interface of the INBLOX® Ethernet head module or directy via the status LEDs.

The extension DP Diag Rep X2 provides a PROFIBUS interface for connec- tion of a PROFIBUS connector via SUB-D socket. The PROFIBUS network can be expanded by another segment or analysed by a further PROFIBUS master system per extension module, according to configuration of the INBLOX® Ethernet head module.

If a segment ends or begins immediately on a connection of the exten- sion module, the bus termination resistor should be activated directly on the connector. The PG socket of the connector can be used as online measuring point for suitable diagnostic tools.