INBLOX® DP Diag + Repeater | 124060010

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The DP Diag+ Rep extension is provided with a D-subminiature connec- tor and can thus open a segment.

It is simply connected to the head and is coupled with the backplane bus directly. It is according to the need of a separate voltage supply. Not only peripheral participant and devices can be connected to the segments but also other master systems.

Up to five extension modules can be connected to every head. It is thus possible to create up to five segments per head module. The PROFIBUS can be converted from its original line topology to a star topology and spur lines designed without reservation.

Each individual segment is monitored by the integrated diagnosis. The alarm LED displays errors diagnosed during monitoring. These DP Diag+ Rep modules require the E-head for design. According to the web in- terface the device matrix can be displayed and the relevant diagnoses (error telegrams repeat telegrams etc.) read out. The bus physics, too, is permanently monitored for the first time and can be displayed by a bar chart for the quality characteristics or an oscilloscope recording.

Product Info: