PROFIBUS Tester PB-Q ONE | PROFIBUS DP measuring and diagnostic tool 110010050

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PROFIBUS Tester & PROFIBUS Troubleshooting Tool

The PB-Q ONE is the best-in-class and most affordable PROFIBUS tester for PROFIBUS networks - PLUG-IN, MEASURE, RESULT!

The modern PROFIBUS diagnostic tool PB-Q ONE is a mobile analyzer to completely test PROFIBUS cables, PROFIBUS signals and the communication between PROFIBUS PLCs and the PROFIBUS network devices.

The whole PROFIBUS troubleshooting process happens in seconds with precise measuring results which can easily be evaluated with a modern traffic light principal display.

The PROFIBUS diagnostic results can be printed and shared or kept as reference points for future PROFIBUS troubleshooting's.

Mobile PROFIBUS Troubleshooting

The easy-to-use PROFIBUS Tester PB-Q ONE is the best diagnostic tool for your maintenance tool box.

Step 1
Order the PB-Q ONE through our website or request a quote here.
Step 2

Plug in the PB-Q ONE into the PLC PROFIBUS Connector.

Step 3
Depending on the size of your network; you will receive the diagnostics within 1 minute.
Step 4
Fix the typical failures quickly based on the integrated topography - mainly due to cable & connector EMC, termination, voltage, or device issues

PROFIBUS Troubleshooting Analyzer Kit Features:

  • PROFIBUS error display
  • PROFIBUS network topology
  • Segments with all devices incl. measuring points and repeaters
  • PROFIBUS cable length
  • PROFIBUS signal quality (signal-to-noise ratio)
  • Oscilloscope
  • PROFIBUS DP master simulator
  • PROFIBUS telegram analyzer

PROFIBUS Troubleshooting Analyzer Kit Includes:

  • PB-Q ONE hardware
  • Indu-Sol Suite Software (DP & PA)
  • D-Sub 9-pin adapter cable
  • USB cable
  • Carrying case
  • PROFIBUS PA adapter (optional)
  • M12 Y Measuring Adapter (optional)
  • PROFIBUS measuring point (optional)
  • PROFIBUS mesh resistance (grounding) clamp (optional)
PROFIBUS PB-QONE Troubleshooting kit delivery condition

With the PB-Q ONE you will have an affordable and multi-functional device for acceptance, commissioning, diagnostics, maintenance, service, and troubleshooting needs for PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA networks.

In the overview, all PROFIBUS devices are displayed in the form of a device matrix including address and detailed information. The coloring of each devices (green, yellow, red) allows to immediately evaluate the state of each device. Additionally, the results of the PROFIBUS physics and bus communication evaluation are clearly displayed.

PROFIBUS Tester PB-QONE device matrix

PROFIBUS is based on a voltage difference signal which transfers the logical telegram content to the wires A and B. The level of the voltage difference as well as the shape of these signals are indicators of the physical transmission quality respectively the signal quality. As a result a bar chart diagram with a quality value for each device in the network is displayed.

PB-Q ONE profibus troubleshooting tool device quality values

Further analysis possibilities are available in the telegram mode. Through a number of filter and trigger options the data traffic can be evaluated based on events or defined data content.

Telegram mode of the PROFIBUS Tester PB-Q ONE

It is the only tool on the market to offer fully automatic, non-reactive topology scans during a running production. As a result, the PB-Q ONE represents the real wiring of all devices and even identifies repeaters, measuring points and the cable lengths between devices.

Topology scan view of the PROFIBUS PB-Q ONE Tester

The foundation of a long-term stable PROFIBUS network includes training of the maintenance personnel and having the right tools available to identify error causes fast and reliable. The cost for both pay for itself after a short period of time due to reduced unnecessary machine downtime and by avoiding the unnecessary replacement of devices which are still in perfect order. At last here are the typical error sources found with PROFIBUS networks which easily can be identified with InduSols PROFIBUS troubleshooting tools:

  • PROFIBUS cable and PROFIBUS connectors
  • EMC grounding and shielding issues
  • Excessive PROFIBUS cable length
  • PROFIBUS termination
  • PROFIBUS baud rate
  • Software and device issues
  • PROFIBUS communication
  • PROFIBUS ghost issues

InduSol is your partner to future proof your PROFIBUS network to reduce expensive machine downtime – fast!

Accessories for the PROFIBUS PB-QONE



With the PROFIBUS PA adapter, the PB-QONE can also be used for PROFIBUS PA networks.

M12 Y measuring adapter


With the PROFIBUS PA adapter, the PB-QONE can also be used for PROFIBUS PA networks.

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