SIEDS Multisensor (Smart Industrial Environment Digitalization Sensor) 124110000

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Product Info:

Expected release date is Sep 1st 2024

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The industrial multisensor SIEDS

Smart industrial environment digitalization sensor

The SIEDS industrial sensor combines sensor technology, data processing and network communication in a size-optimized IP65 housing. With its self-learning teach mode and intelligent alarm management, the SIEDS sensor can be used for any type of condition monitoring task in predictive maintenance and offers the possibility of evaluating a wide variety of assets in an industrial environment.

Highlights of the SIEDS Multisensors

  • 10 sensors in one device
  • Integrated web server
  • Alarm management à stand-alone operation
  • Teach-in mode for alarm trigger
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Integrated PoE-capable 2-port switch
  • Open protocol interfaces

The sensor module records/processes many different environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, acceleration and acoustics for industrial use.

Digitalization of the analogue machine environment:

  • Sensors, data processing and network communication in a size-optimized IP65 housing
  • Integration into existing network structures (e.g. PROFINET, Ethernet)
  • Detection/processing of different handling conditions in industrial use
  • Evaluation of machines and systems
  • Condition monitoring / predictive maintenance

Product features

  • Network connection: M12 D-coded
  • Transmission rates: 100 Mbit/s
  • Power supply: Power over Ethernet
  • Operating temperature: -40° C to +70°C
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Mounting: Direct mounting
  • Protocols: RestAPI, OPC UA, MQTT, HTTPS;

Machine monitoring with intelligent sensor technology

In the world of industrial digitalization, key components such as environmental monitoring, Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, machine and network integration are crucial.

Our SIEDS sensor combines these elements in an IP65-optimized housing, making it the ideal partner to meet the challenges of modern industry. The SIEDS sensor has been specifically designed to monitor a wide range of environmental conditions. Thanks to the possibility of recording various measured variables with one sensor, you can keep a precise eye on the condition of your industrial systems and machines without having to worry about the compatibility of different sensors from different manufacturers.

The integration of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology means that the SIEDS sensor is efficiently supplied with power without an additional power supply. This simplifies installation and ensures reliable and interference-free data transmission. Seamless integration into your network and support for open protocol interfaces provides you with a robust platform for data processing and analysis. The integrated switch and web server functionalities allow you to evaluate data in real time to better understand the status of your machines and systems and predict possible system component failures.

The self-learning SIEDS sensor detects deviations from normal operation and reports the deviation. This alarm management forms the basis for your predictive maintenance systems.

With SIEDS, your new digital maintenance colleague, you are optimally equipped to succeed in the era of industrial digitalization.

Product Info: