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PROmesh: Industrial Switches for EtherNet / PROFINET

The first industrial switches with integrated diagnostics and monitoring

Industrial EtherNet Network diagnostics and leakage current monitoring combined into one!

The Indu-Sol EtherNet/PROFINET Switch PROmesh is the first switch that is equipped for the increased performance requirements in the PROFINET and conforms to Conformance Class B and Netload Class III requirements. With its optimized shielding contacts in the RJ45 jacks and leakage current monitoring, the switch has a high EMC resistance that is required in the industrial environment.

> Integrated network monitoring functions with notifications
Keep an eye on the status of your system, seamlessly and traceable at all times.

> Integrated diagnostic functions
Quickly localize fault sources without additional measuring devices and manual measuring

> Performance-oriented industrial switch technology
Future-ready for the requirements of increasing data volume in ever more complex networks

> Integrated web interface
Enjoy full access to monitoring and diagnostic data without additional software

PROmesh P9
PROmesh P9 > Leakage current monitoring
> Network utilization with millisecond precision
> PROFINET v2.3 certified
> Conformance Class B
> Diagnosis function
> Port statistics
> Netload Class III
> 9x10/100Base-TX RJ45-Ports
> Download the data sheet (PDF)

PROmesh P10
PROmesh P10 - network monitoring managed switch > Online line diagnostics
> Leakage current monitoring
> Network load display with millisecond precision
> PROFINET v2.4 compliant
> Conformance Class B
> Netload Class III
> Gigabit capable, TSN-ready
> 8x RJ45 ports (10/100/1000 Mbps)
> 2x SFP ports (up to 2500 MBit/s)
> Download the data sheet (PDF)

PROmesh P20
PROmesh P20 - Finalist at the Engineers Choice Awards 2020 > Leakage current monitoring
> NAT Routing/Firewall function
> Network load display with millisecond precision
> PROFINET v2.3 certified
> Conformance Class B
> Netload Class III
> 16 x 100 Mbit/s RJ45 Ports
> 4x1000Base-X SFP-Ports
> Download the data sheet (PDF)

PROmesh P10X
IP67 Intelligent Industrial Ethernet Switch PROmesh P10x > Online line diagnostics
> Leakage current monitoring
> IP67 certified (waterproof/dustproof)
> Network load display with millisecond precision
> PROFINET v2.4 certified
> Conformance Class B
> Netload Class III
> 8x M12 D-coded (up to 100 Mbit / s)
> 2x M12 X-coded (up to 1.0 GBit / s)
> Download the Data Sheet

PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet Switch PROmesh P28-R 114110100

PROmesh P28-R

> 16x RJ45 (up to 1.0 GBit/s)
> 8x combo RJ45 (up to 1.0 GBit/s or 8x SFP (up to 1.0 GBit/s)
> 4x SFP (up to 1.0 GBit/s)

PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet switch PROmesh P28-RL 114110110

PROmesh P28-RL

> Routing
> 16x RJ45 (up to 1.0 GBit/s)
> 8x combo RJ45 (up to 1.0 GBit/s) or 8x SFP (up to 1.0 GBit/s)
> 4x SFP + (up to 10.0 Gbit/s)

Why you should install PROmesh switches instead of conventional industrial switches

A modern industrial switch can do much more than distributing data packets in the best possible way in the (plant) network. Due to their central location in individual network sections, industrial switches are ideal for supporting maintenance and ensuring system availability.

Condition monitoring and diagnosis without additional measuring devices

Each industrial switch processes the incoming data signals to pass them on to the correct recipient. In addition to the conventional sender-receiver assignment, PROmesh switches analyze incoming signals, similar to the well-known PROFINET-INspektorĀ® NT, enabling permanent status monitoring of the communication quality and signal strength. Changes and abnormalities can easily be checked and early before influencing the communication or processes.

Meaningful diagnostic data from the first second

In addition, PROmesh switches can identify sources of interference, such as sporadic EMC loading, network load peaks, or damaged data lines. If PROmesh notices an abnormality, the first diagnostic data is already available and without manual measurement effort, saving you time and money when searching for critical sources of errors.

Mechanical engineers, maintenance engineers and IT experts pay attention!

The SWITCH video Teaser

The video "The SWITCH - The network professional | Technology made easy" shows you in an easy to understand way:

> the basic functions of a switch,
> how to achieve optimal network performance
> what you need to know about network diagnostics using switches.

Functions PROmesh

The integration of the Ethernet/PROFINET switch into the automation system (Step7, TIA Portal) with the help of an engineering tool enables you to perform comprehensive network diagnostics. In contrast to standard switches, the PROmesh, thanks to its features, supports a variety of necessary functionalities:
> Sending of device diagnostics to the controller (PN-RTA)
> Neighborhood detection (LLDP)
> Port-related network statistics (PDEV)
> Network diagnostics via IT mechanisms (SNMP)
> Higher availability thanks to ring redundancy (MRP)

Other management functions: Port Mirroring | VLAN | SNTP | Packet filter rules | Bandwidth management | Warning function via e-Mail

PROFINET Switch Web Interface

Diagnosis Function

> Number of error telegrams
> Number of discards
> Level of network utilization
> Correct port assignment
> Height of leakage current

PROmesh P9 Network Utilization

Network Utilization with Millisecond Precision

In PROFINET networks, even briefest peaks in the network utilisation can lead to a malfunction in the data communication and thus cause faults. To properly detect these network peaks, the PROmesh series determines the network utilisation with millisecond precision and presents them graphically on the web interface or issues an appropriate alarm if exceeded.

PROmesh P9 Leakage Current Monitoring

Leakage Current Monitoring

Leakage current monitoring makes it possible to permanently record and evaluate the sum of all shielding currents of the PROFINET lines. The corresponding spectrum with the respective frequency components is specified for this in addition to the current value. Using this integrated function, the PROmesh series also offers mechanisms for detecting EMC faults or couplings in addition to the complete PROFINET diagnostics.


Large functional range with compact design

Display of Network Utilization

The PROmesh determines the network utilization with millisecond precision and displays this graphically on the web interface.

Display of Discards

PROmesh P9 counts number of lost telegrams (discards) on the web interface

Bandwidth Management

Data traffic can be limited by adjustable thresholds in order to avoid network load peaks. Data above the maximum value is discarded.

Highest Network Load Resilience

Netload classes define the sturdiness of a device in regard of the intensity of the data traffic. The PROmesh P9 is certified for the highest netload class III which is the first time a switch with more than 4 ports fulfills these requirements. Therefore, the new switch is the foundation for a frictionless operation thanks to stable network communication.

In Accordance with Conformance Class B

The PROmesh P9 has full PROFINET IO functionality and thus meets the usual requirements for PROFINET real-time communication in factory and process automation. The functionality of PROFINET IO devices is divided in clear conformance classes. These summarize different minimum characteristics. For infrastructure components like switches the conformance class B is of special importance as it includes the fundamental PROFINET functionalities and therefore covers the requirements of 99% of all the PROFINET networks installed in the field.

Up to 4 Queues per Port

The PROFINET switch has a large buffer memory for telegrams, which can not be forwarded at the moment. Up to four queues are available per port.

Additional Management Functions

In addition to the PROFINET functionalities, you also have other management functions at your disposal such as Port Mirroring, SNTP and packet filter rules for prioritization of packets.

Leakage Current Monitoring

Permanent leakage current monitoring with corresponding frequency spectrum according to the PI guidelines.

PROmesh Series Catalog

The most important technical data at a glance, including recommended selection criteria for industrial switches.

Design PROFINET correctly

Download our "Network design in PROFINET" whitepaper that includes expert tips for designing a better PROFINET network.

Try the PROmesh web interface

Discover the PROmesh web interface and functions in your browser. Choose from three practical scenarios.