OBSOLETE | 117000031 PROmanage® NT - Monitoring software 40 ports | PROFIBUS and PROFINET - Network monitoring

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Product Info:
This item is obsolete.

A newer version is available: 117000103

Network status at-a-glance

Gradual aging, wear and tear in the production environment and bottlenecks lead to progressive deterioration in the quality of networks.
The monitoring software PROmanage® NT provides timely warning when abnormalities appear. The early warning enables you to carry out maintenance in good time, thereby minimizing breakdowns and plant outages.

PROmanage® NT makes it possible for you to analyze and evaluate information on the condition of fieldbus systems and industrial networks and store it on the long haul. The information is transmitted to a central point to provide you an overview. You can leave healthy networks alone, avoiding unnecessary maintenance but taking action any time an alarm warns you of abnormalities.

Integrated management of threshold values allows the user to specify the limiting values for network parameters. As soon as these threshold values are reached, an entry complete with time stamp is written automatically into the event log. Just one click is needed to retrieve network disturbances from the event log.

The implemented alarm management system provides automated message forwarding. The user selects the desired medium (email, messaging services, OPC, SNMP) to transfer messages in a timely manner directly to the appropriate area of responsibility, thereby shortening action times and avoiding unnecessary plant breakdowns.

PROmanage® NT Features

  • Centralized monitoring for all fieldbusses and networks
  • Avoids plant outages
  • Timely warning of abnormalities via OPC, SNMP or email
  • Data are available to-the-minute up to one year
  • Rapid installation
  • Easy device setup by means of an automated or manual device scan
Product Info: