PROmanage® NT V2- Monitoring software 24 ports | PROFIBUS and PROFINET - Network monitoring 117000102

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Network status at-a-glance without additional hardware

(replaces item no. 117000031)

Infrastructure-related bottlenecks, gradual deterioration due to component aging or wear and tear from the production environment lead to (initially invisible) impairment of your machine and system networks. The network management software (NMS) PROmanage ® NT V2 warns you at an early stage of the first abnormalities so that planned maintenance measures can be carried out and avoidable system failures can be reduced to a minimum.

PROmanage ® NT V2 enables you to evaluate, analyze and long-term storage of the status data of your fieldbuses and industrial networks and brings them together in a central overview. In the future, let your networks be networks and only react if you receive an alert due to an abnormality that has occurred.

Extensive application possibilities without additional hardware

Flexible. Scalable. Expandable. PROmanage® NT V2 is an individually applicable software solution for OT network monitoring. Choose or switch between the various possible uses and combinations:

> Use without additional monitoring hardware (only Ethernet-based networks)
Combine PROmanage® NT V2 with your INspektor diagnostic tools. In this way, you can centralize the extensive analysis data of the INspectors and monitor your networks across all protocols.

>Use with INspektors (including PROFINET, PROFIBUS, CAN, ASi)
Combine PROmanage® NT V2 with your INspektor diagnostic tools. In this way, you can centralize the extensive analysis data of the INspectors and monitor your networks across all protocols.

> Use with INspektors and PROmesh series of managed switches
Get the most out of your monitoring solution: In combination with the INspectors and the diagnostic features of the PROmesh switches, you have central access to your various fieldbus and Ethernet networks.

The network status at a glance
- evaluable parameters for each network protocol

Depending on the network protocols you use (PROFINET, CAN, etc.) and the monitoring hardware you may need, you can monitor and evaluate a wide variety of values in your networks.

Merge the data of several systems of the same or different network protocols and keep them centrally in view.

The following parameters can be called up

Please note, that separate data collectors may be required so that the specified parameters available depending on the network used.

Industrial Ethernet logo > Errors
> Discards
> Network load in ms
> Transmission speed
> Leakage current RMS / Peak (PROmesh only)
> Line quality value (PROmesh only)
> 24V monitoring (PROmesh only)
> Temperature (PROmesh only)

Notice: Compatible with all conventional Industrial Ethernet switches. Some parameters are only available with specific switches (e.g. PROmesh series).


>>Required hardware

> Error telegrams (Errors)
> Telegram gaps (Discards)
> Failure/restart (bus subscriber)
> Network load in ms
> Load ratio
> Jitter
> Device temperature

Notice: Network data of existing managed switches can be integrated additionally (see parameter "Industrial Ethernet").


>>Required hardware

> Error telegrams
> Telegram repetitions
> Failure/restart (bus subscriber)
> Internal and external diagnoses
> Device temperature
EtherNet/IP Logo

>>Required hardware

> Error telegrams
> Telegram gaps
> Failure/restart (bus subscriber)
> Network load in ms
> Update time
> Device temperature
ASi logo

>>Required hardware

> Min./max/ voltage
> Bundle error
> Error telegrams
> Reset telegrams
CANopen Logo

>>Required hardware

> Error telegrams
> New start-up (bus subscriber)
> Device diagnosis
> Bus load
EMV logo

>>Required hardware

> RMS current value up to 25 kHz
> PEAK current value up to 25 kHz

PROmanage NT V2: Functions and advantages in detail

How is my network doing today?

Network chronicle / overview of status development according to the traffic light principle

The network history gives you quick and clear information:
> What is the current network status? (according to the tried and tested traffic light principle)
> How long did the networks run smoothly?
> When was the last time a malfunction occurred? (with time stamp)

Better recognize relationships and changes in state

Complete status history / event messages with time stamp

With the help of the integrated threshold management, it is possible to define limit values for each network parameter. When these limits are reached, an entry with a time stamp and event description is automatically made in the event list. Information on network malfunctions can be called up from the event list with one click.

PROmanage V2 NT shows the complete event history

Notice abnormalities in the network before it becomes critical

Alarm management and notifications

An implemented alarm management enables an automatic forwarding of event messages. By selecting a suitable information medium (e-mail, messaging services, OPC, SNMP), all messages can be promptly transmitted to the relevant area of responsibility. This shortens reporting lines and prevents unwanted system downtime.

PROmanage NT V2 alarm management screen

Analysis functions: status details at a glance - permanently and when required

Full access to the current status data of your monitored machine networks at all times

Various analysis functions are available to localize possible causes of detected anomalies more efficiently and precisely. Among other things, all performance parameters of integrated switches are queried minute and port-specific via SMTP. Optionally integrated data collectors, such as the PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT, enable direct access to diagnostic functions for detailed analyzes of data communication.

PROmanage NT V2 provides status details at a glance of your monitored machines

How has the condition of your system(s) developed?

Performance analysis using a state graph

A clear user interface enables the information to be displayed and evaluated. The surface can be adapted to individual needs and distributed over several screens for a better overview. Different parameters, such as device temperature and device failures of various devices can be compared in a graph in order to uncover relationships in the event of malfunctions.

Line graph to display the condition of a device over time

All network participants at a glance - topologies and device status

Central topology acquisition with PROmanage® NT V2

With the help of the network monitoring software PROmanage ® NT V2, topologies can be recorded centrally, bundled at one point and thus clearly displayed with all the device information and statistics it contains. This creates an up-to-date and real overview of which devices are where in the network and what state they are in. If events occur in the network, the affected devices can be quickly located. If changes are made to the wiring of the network, the times can be determined by continuously recording the topology. The abnormalities recorded in this way include, for example, removed and newly connected devices as well as changes in the port assignment of the respective switches.

Tip: To determine current topologies, we recommend using the topology software PROscan® Active V2 or decentralized data collectors such as the PROFINET-INspektor® NT.

The PROmanage NT V2 software records your networks topology automatically and displays all device information for a clear overview of your network

Individually scalable - according to your requirements

Flexible expandability - at any time, depending on requirements and budget

Combine PROmanage® NT V2 with other data collectors, such as the PROFINET-INspektor® NT or a PROmesh switch with integrated diagnostic function. Or integrate your managed industrial switches from another manufacturer. In this way, you can centralize the status data of your networks and keep an eye on them. Central network monitoring supports the early detection of malfunctions and anomalies, particularly in the case of complex or multiple systems.

When setting up your individual monitoring solution, you can combine compatible devices as required and expand them at any time. We would be happy to support you in choosing suitable products.

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