Motor cable SymFlex® EMV-Drive (3 x 2.5mm² + 3G 0.5mm²) 122020001

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Symmetrical Motor Cable SymFlex® EMV-Drive (3 x 2.5mm² + 3G 0.5mm²)

The motor cables SymFlex® are optimized for use with frequency-controlled drives. A minimum of electromagnetic emission in adjacent circuits is guaranteed by the small operating capacity and inductivity of the cable, that is enclosed in meshed and foil shield (100% cover).

Recommended use with: large number of drives, high cable lengths (> 20m), high frequencies of frequency inverters / controllers and sensitive automation electronics in the drives environment.

  • Minimizing unwanted currents
  • Optimized for frequency-controlled drives
  • Low working capacitance/inductance guaranteeing minimum electromagnetic emissions
  • Symmetrical arrangement of cable cores
  • Special CU braid and additional electrostatic shielding