EtherNet/IP-INspektor NT | Diagnostic and monitoring tool for online analysis 124090000

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Product Info:

Intelligent diagnostic tool for online analysis

The EtherNet/IP-INspektor® is an important diagnostic tool for certification, commissioning and inspection of new installed EtherNet/IP networks.

Depending on the pre-defined trigger functions the events are registered in the EtherNet/IP-INspektor® and summed up and stored per device. Hereby, the INspektor® detects quality values like network load, data throughput, refresh rate, telegram gaps and telegram jitter, that mirror the current status of communication quality. These parameters serve as commissioning and inspection criteria for new installations, but also as important information for maintenance and (remote) service.

EtherNet/IP-INspektor® Features

  • Touch display that shows errors directly
  • Jitter statistics for all devices
  • Alarms when unknown devices appear
  • Passive ring detection
  • Acceptance report mode for a quick network overview
  • Passive network diagnosis
  • Uninterrupted monitoring, even at high net load
  • Complete acceptance report with all relevant event information
  • Synchronization via time server

Thanks to the INspektor® embedded web server the network state can be displayed without any additional software on any PC with an internet browser. Via the potential-free contact a visual alerting can be set.

Product Info: