PROFINET Measuring point PNMX IP67 | 114090300

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Measuring Point PNMX

The measuring adapter PNMX with the protective system IP67 serves as an access point for feedback-free telegram recording in PROFINET networks and further ethernet-based networks under production conditions.

A permanent installation of the measuring adapter PNMX in the network connection between the automation device (Controller) and the first switch is recommended as typically the greater part of the communication converges in this connection.

  • Therefore, two network sockets (network P1 and P2) are available at the unit.

To connect an analysis tool non-reactively (PN-INspektor® NT or laptop) two monitor sockets are provided (monitor M1 and M2).

  • This requires two patch cables which in turn allow to monitor both communication directions in parallel.

Error telegrams are not rejected by the PNMX, but forwarded.

The measuring point version PNMX with protection class IP 67 can be installed in harsh production environments without any protective housing.

Diagnostic tools are connected via M12 measuring sockets (M12 D-coded).